Sunday, September 21, 2008

Loving a quiet Sunday!

We woke up this morning and started the day like every other morning, Evan (our 2, almost 3 year old ) waking us saying "my bellies hurting!" He wakes up starving every day! Our Sunday morning "thing" is Strawberry Pancakes. I make the pancakes, my oldest son makes the syrup (1 cup of sugar, 1 1/2 cups of water, 1/2 a package of strawberry jello, and 2 Tbls. of cornstarch) which needs to be stirred over low heat for a long, long, long time until it thickens, and everyone else waits patiently! After inhaling our delicious breakfast with lots of sugar we decide it was time to take out pet turtle to a better home. (We found a turtle in our backyard about a week ago and have kept him a little bit longer then we should have.) So as a family we got out the stroller and the bikes and traveled about a mile in a half to a little lake to let the turtle go. My boys, so big, rode their bikes all the way there with a little huffing a puffing but no giving up! Once we got to the lake the little turtle ran and dove into the water and seemed very happy! Getting home was a little tougher as the boys were a bit more tired but we made it.

We played outside and I pruned our out of control tomato plants and then it was time for lunch. We ate some homemade pizza from the night before and some brownies for dessert, yes I know, don't make me feel guiltier then I already do. So to work off my atrocious day of food I decide to go for a run which turned into a walk as I almost threw up because of all the crap in my stomach. As I was walking a long and enjoying the beautiful day I began to appreciate everything. Appreciate the sun shining, being able to walk, and sing, and thinking of my beautiful family that I so truly adore and all I can be is thankful. When life gets you down, money is tight, things aren't easy, stop and take a look at all that you have and not what you don't and I know you will be like me......Thankful!

Hope you have a great day

Friday, September 12, 2008

Is it just my husband?

So I work occasionally and many times my husband will watch the kids while I go to work for a couple hours at night. He is great with the kids but my God, the house is a disaster when I get back! Well tonight I just couldn't resist to take a picture and document what an idiot he can be (sorry honey, it's true) Ok... This is what the sink looked like when I got home.
This is what it looked like after me loading the dishwasher for 15 minutes!!!!!

Can you believe how well this man packed a sink FULL of dishes just to avoid emptying the dishwasher and then reloading it? I felt like throwing the dishes at his head!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer is gone:(

It's getting cold and the leaves are starting to fall and I can't believe the summer is gone:(

My boys started pre-school and we are all loving it! Mommy gets something done for a couple hours and the boys get to play with kids other then each other. The only problem is that I feel guilty for not being emotional or sad that they are going to school. Is that wrong that I didn't tear up or feel anything but excited?

Little Taylor has started crawling and my house is officially on lock down. No small toys on the floor, outlet covers on at all times, baby gates in place, and praying that she doesn't find the one death trap that I missed (I'm just sure I forgot something)!

I've started the invites for the kids big birthday bash which will be in October and here is the one quality photo we got while my husband clicked the camera and I jumped around like a baboon to make them smile, so close!

It also took me forever to come up with a catchy wording and this is it " We're so excited, we hope you can join in the fun, because Trey, Evan, and Taylor turn 4, 3, and 1!" I know, so poetic!

Well grumpymoms has been hopping lately, we have lots of new moms to share their advice, to tell their story, and to be our comfort so moms we thank you for joining the family!