Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting a tattoo with frosting and sprinkles

I tried, and did good until the tractor cake, illness, and birthday, birthday, and anniversary. What was I thinking trying to be all healthy in the month of October. My boys turned 4 and 5 and we had a little birthday party for them and their friends at a farm. I was determined to make a tractor cake. A week before the party I did a dry run with the boys to get an idea of how to do it and with donuts, cake, and delicious butter cream frosting I was happy with my results. Then the torture set in of the tractor cake calling my name so loudly from the refrigerator. I probably ate the whole trailer, the grill and a large tire (also known as a chocolate donut). Diet....what diet???

A week later time for the party and I busted out my cake again with one difference, I made a frosting using Crisco instead of butter. It tasted the same but for me, knowing what a stick of Crisco looks like I couldn't eat it. So instead I put the tractor on a sheet of brownies, nothing repulsive about those, so after the party of course, what was left? Brownies....did I eat them? Did you really need to read this reply, of course I did, remember NO self control. Here was my finished product with a little family shot on the tractor at the farm. (I don't have four kids, the one all the way to the right is Trey's buddy, Tucker!

Once I got all this out of my house it was actually their birthdays and I bought them each a slice of cake instead of torturing myself.

On October 19th after all of these festivities was our seven year wedding anniversary. I really can't believe it has been seven years but I also can't believe I have three kids either. I must say that over the seven years having a newborn is by far the hardest thing on a marriage, or the hardest thing I've had to go through so far. Last night I watched Marley & Me for the first time only because it was on HBO and I taped it on my DVR (oh how I love my DVR). Anyway, it made me see the experience from a man's side which I never really thought about to be perfectly honest. When I was in it, I could only see him waking up and going to work like nothing changed and my whole world was turned upside down. Now I realize how hard it is on them as well. I'm thankful we made it through and it made us stronger, and we still love each other!! Good reason to celebrate, so out to dinner we went. We went to Arielle's Country Inn in Sellersville, PA or kind of out in the middle of nowhere but the BEST meal I ever ate!!! I don't think it had anything do with having no children, although I must say that was a real treat, but the food was amazing. I was truly licking my plate!!!! Again, diet out the window!
Then illness, we have all been fighting this nasty cough which has travelled through each one of us and is lingering. The idea of exercising could have made me cough out a pile of flem just thinking about it.
Ending on a good note I am feeling better, ran this morning, haven eaten pretty good today and all I can say is I won't give up, just give in every once in a while!