Thursday, December 27, 2007

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A day Off!!

As a mom we don't get sick days, or holidays, or just a good old day OFF! I'm so excited because today is my day OFF! My baby is 3 weeks old today so that means I haven't had a good nights sleep in a long time, especially if you count pregnancy. So I made these crazy plans over 3 months ago. Let me tell you the story....
I own a smoothie shop called Planet Smoothie I have had the store for over 5 years. One of my girls that has worked for me since she was 15 is turning 21 today and I agreed to take her out. I knew I would have a newborn and I wasn't sure how this would work, but I was willing to try. Let me tell you, I am so excited!! We are going to AC for the night....a whole night with no children and just a bunch of fun. I almost feel like I'm dreaming or hallucinating from lack of sleep. We will see how I feel tomorrow,but I'm excited!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I't official, I'm grumpy!

Well, so exciting I had a baby girl named Taylor Christine Saturday, November 24th. After having 2 boys (Trey 3, and Evan 2) it is really fun to have a little girl. First week went really well, adrenaline kicking and the excitiment of our new family helped. Now we are just starting week 3 and exaustion has hit the excitment of baby sister is leaving and we are all a bit stir crazy! (It's not worth the energy to leave the house with three kids under 3) All that leaves me super grumpy!! I realize that I have no patience when I'm tired so I started drinking coffee. I hate coffee, I put chocolate syrup and fancy creamer with a splash of coffee to try and choke it down and it works. It gives me energy but I think it also reaks havoc on my stomach because I kind of feel sick. I'm not sure what is worse sick or tired, for now I'll take sick! I know this is temporary but it's crazy how quickly you forget how hard these first weeks are. Wish me (and especially my family) luck!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Almost left my kids at the grocery store!

Yesterday was one of those days were I almost left my kids at the grocery store! I just needed to make a quick stop for some essentials, milk, bread, and cereal. As we are walking into the grocery store I am trying to find a "car cart", the cart with the little car on front that allows me to grocery shop with some sanity. NONE! At this point I am standing in the grocery store with no cart and a 2 and 3 year old who simultaneously TAKE OFF in opposite directions. Meanwhile I am nine months pregnant and in no mood for what I knew was about to ensue. So I decide to catch the slower of the two children, my 2 year old. Once I caught him he began to scream bloody murder as if I was cutting off a limb which on the positive caused my 3 year old to come running back to see what was happening. But as you can imagine the entire grocery store is looking at me like I am beating my child. I have the 2 year old in my arms and I grab my 3 year old by the hand and drag them back outside of the grocery store. As I stand in front of the regular carts, still no "car cart" I contemplate what to do. #1 Leave the grocery store without any groceries only to get home, have no food, and have to traipse back out to the grocery store. #2 Scream at my children to only have them look at me like I've lost my mind which at this point I had #3 Just leave them in the grocery store and pretend they aren't my kids or #4 Try to pull it together and come up with a new solution. I opted for #4 I stood there for a couple minutes to contemplate what I was going to do and this is what I came up with. My 2 year old is in the seat of the regular cart and I put my 3 year old in the basket. I then pulled a pen out of my purse and preceded to put an X on my 3 year olds hand. He looked at me and said "Mommy, get it off I don't like it" and I said "that is your first time out when we get home, if either of you don't behave you will get more X's which equal more timeouts." It was a miracle, I actually had two new children in the grocery store! I still couldn't get a "car cart" so I was able to get the essentials; bread, milk, and cereal! Now I just needed a nap!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Exciting Day

I'm kidding....Just another sink full of dishes, laundry everywhere, diapers to change. I wonder often if there are moms out there that truly enjoy the mundane tasks that we have to do everyday, all day. I dream of the day that I can have a maid that just cleans up behind me and the rest of my family. Why is it that when we become a mom we loose so much of who we are by taking care of everyone else? Why is it that men get to continue there lives everyday as it was before? Why do I love my kids so much it hurts and in the same moment think dear Lord I can't take another minute of my life? It makes me feel so guilty to be frustrated by my little world because I know things could be much worse, but I am determined to make life better! I want to learn to enjoy the mundane daily life that is mine and I will not rest until I find the secret and share it with every mom that is just like me!