Monday, December 10, 2007

I't official, I'm grumpy!

Well, so exciting I had a baby girl named Taylor Christine Saturday, November 24th. After having 2 boys (Trey 3, and Evan 2) it is really fun to have a little girl. First week went really well, adrenaline kicking and the excitiment of our new family helped. Now we are just starting week 3 and exaustion has hit the excitment of baby sister is leaving and we are all a bit stir crazy! (It's not worth the energy to leave the house with three kids under 3) All that leaves me super grumpy!! I realize that I have no patience when I'm tired so I started drinking coffee. I hate coffee, I put chocolate syrup and fancy creamer with a splash of coffee to try and choke it down and it works. It gives me energy but I think it also reaks havoc on my stomach because I kind of feel sick. I'm not sure what is worse sick or tired, for now I'll take sick! I know this is temporary but it's crazy how quickly you forget how hard these first weeks are. Wish me (and especially my family) luck!

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