Monday, November 2, 2009

Flirting at 5, am I in trouble?

A couple days ago my little Trey, who just turned five, completely showed off for a girl. Am I wrong to think this is a bit to soon for this behavior? You be the judge.... We are at the grocery store getting a few essentials, while I'm standing at the deli counter getting cheese (which is an essential in our household) my kids were fumbling through the little clearance rack full of random items for extremely cheap. They brought me over a “All About Police” video for a reduced price of $2.00 so of course I said sure. Moving to the bread isle we are on to essential #2 when Trey picks up the police video out of the cart and with a loud deep voice says, “Mom, we have a predicament”. With his strange 15 year old demeanor I look up at him with a perplexed, “huuuh??”. He starts, “Yes we have a real problem, Taylor (his younger sister) is much to young to watch this adult movie.” Still saying this very loud with a deep mature voice, so I start to look around. Sure enough there is a little girl with her mom, around six years old standing right behind me and he was looking right at her as she said all this. My jaw drops and I completely pretend not to notice what was going on. I said, “ok we need one more thing and we are out done, lets go”. He goes over to his little sister and gently bends down, holds her hand and yells loudly over his shoulder, “come on Taylor it's time to go to the next isle”.

I thought our flirtation was over until I was checking out and Trey runs to help me bag groceries, he puts the bread in the bag then picks the bag up, places it in my cart and looks to the isle next to us and waves and says “Hi” to the same little girl. Oh my word, you have got to be kidding, I didn't know he could bag groceries?? It was time for us to go and he turns to this little girl and says “Nice to meet you!!” and waves good bye. I was speechless, shocked, and a little proud that he was actually pretty good at flirting, I'm still wondering where he learned it.