Saturday, March 8, 2008

I now know I am REALLY a mom!

The other night we went out to dinner with the 3 kids for the first time since our baby girl came. Things I learned!

#1 My boys are getting so big (Evan now 2 and potty trained, Trey is 3 and acts like he is 10)

#2 I don't have to stress (When you let go and stop trying to control everything I think everyone relaxes not just you)

#3 Enjoy and live in the moment (Hearing the giggles, listen to their stories, and just enjoying them exactly the way they are makes everyone happy!)

#4 I also learned I am definitely a mom!

As we were driving home from a fun family night out Evan says to me "Here Mommy", so without thinking I reach my hand to the back seat and as he places something in my hand he says, " I got that bogger all by myself". Soooo Gross!!

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