Saturday, February 16, 2008

Taking the time!

Yesterday my parents watched our kids overnight for the first time and WOW how nice it was. In the day to day stress of life, money, work, kids, and the house it is hard to take the time to work on the marriage. Often that is the easiest thing to let go because you think, "he's not going anywhere". Well I must say it was wonderful to go on a date with my husband. To get all dressed nice with no spit-up on my shoulder. To really have the time to apply make-up and do my hair. Then sitting at the bar to have a drink while we wait for a table....I could have waited all day. Then to eat and talk and not have a single distraction, it was so nice. I am truely going to try to do this at least once a month because I'm realizing that to have a happy home you need to start with the marriage. Even though there are days I could kill him, there are also days I need to remember the wonderful qualities that made me marry him!

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