Monday, October 20, 2008

Ahhh, I just love family time!

Two days of 100% family time! No work, no TV, no cooking, no cleaning, just wonderful family time. THE PLAN Leave our house at 1pm on Saturday, kids will take naps in the car, wake up fresh and ready to go at our first destination. THE REALITY Taylor (love her), napped almost the entire 2 hour car ride. Trey fought his eyes falling asleep the entire way and kept trying to keep his brother awake with him. Evan got 30 minutes of sleep despite his brothers attempts. THE PLAN Get to Dutch Wonderland, kids put on costumes for the Trick or Treat at the park, and just have lots of fun. THE REALITY Spent lots of time putting together the costumes for no one to want to wear them ( I new that would happen), instead we just had lots of fun!! One of the first rides the kids wanted to go on was the Twirling Turtles (Blaaaa). It didn't help that I was already a little carsick from turning around 300 times to keep telling Trey to stop teasing his brother and to pick up cheerios that dropped all over my back seat. After the Twirling Turtles I stuck to the simpler rides and had the kids go on the one's that said No Adults (Thank God). THE NEXT PLAN drive from Dutch Wonderland to The Hershey Hotel, the kids would fall asleep in the car and we could put them right to bed and my husband and I could watch some TV and relax. THE REALITY They did fall asleep in the car but once we got to the hotel it was like someone pumped their blood with caffeine! They were so excited that I feared they would never go to sleep. After running down the hall to the vending and ice machine, eating all the Hershey kisses on the pillows, telling stories, playing go fish, wrestling in the huge bed, we finally realized we had to shut everything off and just go to sleep ourselves. By 9:00 all lights were out, TV off, and everyone fell fast asleep.

The next day went very smooth. We went to Chocolate World and everyone loved the history of chocolate tour and the trolley ride. The 3-D movie didn't go over so well though. A bunch of chocolate popped out of a box and I think my boys thought it was going to hit them in the face. We had to quickly run out of the theatre with them in hysterics (maybe next year). The last part of this trip was Hershey Park. The park was huge and we saw maybe 20% of it but it didn't matter. We had so much fun seeing our kids having fun that we didn't have to go to every ride. They were so excited to be able to go on the same ride 10 times if they wanted to. Before making the 2 hour drive home we stopped for a quick dinner and my oldest, Trey who fought sleeping the entire trip, fell fast asleep before our food even got to the table. THE PLAN HOME We would feed them, drive home and they would all fall fast asleep. Once we got to our house we could put them straight to bed. THE REALITY It happened!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!!!

This week was just one big birthday party. Monday my little Evan turned 3, and Friday my big Trey turned 4. With the birthdays so close I tried really hard to make each day very individual and special for each of them. No matter how much I planned for this there were still moments of jealousy. Evan woke up on Trey's birthday and started to cry "why isn't it my birthday anymore?", I wasn't sure how to answer that other then "because it's not honey, it's Trey's so lets make it special for him" and he was over it. I only had to break up a few fights over sharing their new toys, but no broken bones!
Tomorrow, for the grand finally of the week we are going to Hershey Park, overnight! The idea of traveling 2 hours in the car and packing up 5 people for one night is a bit overwhelming but "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who wants a cupcake?

Today I baked my very first “school” cupcakes! Tomorrow my two year old will turn three and he gets to take show and tell and a snack. So tonight I baked up a storm and turned out some pretty cute cupcakes if I do say so myself. Evan (my 2 year old requested orange icing because orange is his favorite color) so I ran with it and this is my result.

As I finished the cupcakes and placed them in the little cupcake carrier, that I just purchased for this special occasion, I felt this little happiness. One because I am excited to have Evan carry those cupcakes to class tomorrow with such pride, two because I’m moving into the next threshold of motherhood. No longer is it just changing dirty diapers. I am now a mom of a pre-schooler, baking cupcakes for his class! I know it is such a simple thing but special and it makes me happy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It Just Hit Me!

I just realized why I often get frustrated with my mommy roll. As I was folding laundry this morning my husband was replacing our 300 year old back door. (My husband is wonderfully handy, he actually renovated our entire old farm house before children). Then WHAM it hit me! My job is like replacing the back door every day three times a day. I do laundry, clean the house, cook meals, but it never ends. If I could just finish something and never have to do it again that would be so rewarding. Back to my laundry!