Friday, November 28, 2008

Never Again!!

I did it.....I got up at 4:30am this morning and set off with a list in hand of all the great sale items I was intending to purchase. I didn't get one of the items on my list and I don't know why anyone would torture themselves by shopping on this stupid retail established holiday. It was a joke, the lines wrapped around the stores. I could have stood in line all day for a $19.99 truck, but I'd rather not. None of the items on my list were that great of a sale that it was worth spending all day in a line. Take Old Navy for example. It just so happens I was in Old Navy just a week a go and got some great things for so cheap. This morning during their "Extravaganza, humongous, honkin' 3 day BIG weekend sale" items that I bought a week ago were more expensive. Carter's said the whole store was 50% off but all the items were full price, as much as $34.95 for a pair of jeans, sorry but on sale that is way to much to pay for kids jeans. Who is really winning on Black Friday....not me.

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