Sunday, November 2, 2008

Woo Hoo Halloween!!

Halloween was never one of my favorite holidays. The meaning behind it always scared me. Now having kids I must admit it is fun. When else do you get to knock on peoples doors and they hand you candy? It was also a great way to meet the neighbors. So here they are, my little munchkins, Thomas the train, a duck, and a fire fighter.

After about the third house Thomas says, "this is really fun!" and I am thinking oh my goodness my arms are going to fall off. My little duck isn't walking yet and she felt more like a 40 pound turkey. We hung in though and even made it to the firehouse, and my little firefighter couldn't have been more excited! The aftermath of Halloween is a house filled with candy, and God knows I have no self control so I must get it out of my house!!

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