Friday, November 28, 2008

Never Again!!

I did it.....I got up at 4:30am this morning and set off with a list in hand of all the great sale items I was intending to purchase. I didn't get one of the items on my list and I don't know why anyone would torture themselves by shopping on this stupid retail established holiday. It was a joke, the lines wrapped around the stores. I could have stood in line all day for a $19.99 truck, but I'd rather not. None of the items on my list were that great of a sale that it was worth spending all day in a line. Take Old Navy for example. It just so happens I was in Old Navy just a week a go and got some great things for so cheap. This morning during their "Extravaganza, humongous, honkin' 3 day BIG weekend sale" items that I bought a week ago were more expensive. Carter's said the whole store was 50% off but all the items were full price, as much as $34.95 for a pair of jeans, sorry but on sale that is way to much to pay for kids jeans. Who is really winning on Black Friday....not me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy, Sad, Loving, Annoyed, Fun, Frustrated!?!?!

It is amazing how many emotions I go through in a day. This morning I woke up happy, I was ahead of schedule with getting everyone ready to run out the door to preschool. Suddenly, I was sad when I read the calender for my kids school to find out my oldest needs his library books and Thomas the Turkey?!? Thomas the Turkey, oh my word, I totally forgot and that makes me the worst mom. Thomas was this little cut out Turkey that all the kids in the class had to take home and put in a disguise and it was due today. We are supposed to leave in 10 minutes and I say to my oldest, "What in the world should we dress Thomas the Turkey as?" with that he says fireman and he glued and cut and we assembled together. Wow, made it in the car only a couple minutes behind schedule. They gave me big kisses goodbye and I thought, " Oh, I love these kids so much". Before I knew it, it was time to pick them up and once they were all in the car and I just got so annoyed. Trey was teasing his sister, Evan was crying because he dropped his school bag, Taylor started to scream because of Trey's teasing. I yelled, and just lost it. I'm sure I could have handled it better but I will make a mental note to try not to freak out again. Once we were home they played and everyone started to calm down but I hate that I can get so frustrated. I will try better tomorrow. We shall see.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Woo Hoo Halloween!!

Halloween was never one of my favorite holidays. The meaning behind it always scared me. Now having kids I must admit it is fun. When else do you get to knock on peoples doors and they hand you candy? It was also a great way to meet the neighbors. So here they are, my little munchkins, Thomas the train, a duck, and a fire fighter.

After about the third house Thomas says, "this is really fun!" and I am thinking oh my goodness my arms are going to fall off. My little duck isn't walking yet and she felt more like a 40 pound turkey. We hung in though and even made it to the firehouse, and my little firefighter couldn't have been more excited! The aftermath of Halloween is a house filled with candy, and God knows I have no self control so I must get it out of my house!!