Friday, January 16, 2009

My Little Flower Girl

I haven’t been this excited since my wedding day. My baby girl is going to be a flower girl twice! Both brides loved this dress, what do you think?

When I got the dress in the mail I was so excited get it on my little princess. As I pulled it over her head she was not happy but once I got the dress on her and stood her on the floor she was transformed. She was no longer my little baby; she was now my little girl. She put her hands down to her sides to feel the puffiness of the dress and let out this giggle of excitement. She started pointing and smiling as she looked over her very first party dress. Her older brothers wanted her to dance in but I was lucky she could walk.
What is it about little girls and that instant affection for baby dolls, dresses, and anything pink? After having two boys I couldn’t imagine how different a little girl could be but it is night and day. I feel so lucky and I have to thank God for my amazing baby girl!

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