Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Years Resolutions Already in the Toilet

#1 Eat healthy, and exercise……I’ve eaten ok until I made a huge lasagna this weekend and consumed at least 5 servings of a healthy cake which is still cake and eaten in large quantities is completely unhealthy. I try to exercise for 30 minutes, that is nothing yet I find it so hard to fit it into my day when I am drowning in dishes and laundry, but I’m still trying.
#2 Play more with my kids….I play and then I poop out. I have such good intentions when I start activities but I don’t know what happens. My body is playing but my mind is checking off my “to do list“. I wish I could throw the “to do list” out the window.
#3 Be a Better, More loving Wife… I was really good for about a week. I focused on the positives instead of harping on the negatives. I tried to be extra affectionate and he looked at me like I was an alien from Mars because that isn‘t my style. But I could still use some work.
Those are my top 3, I have many more areas in my life that need polishing but I am a work in progress. A new years resolution needs to be a daily dedication because each day brings it’s new challenges. I’m going to keep trying to be good but right now I really want more of that delicious, healthy cake!

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