Sunday, February 1, 2009

I got an e-mail from my oldest son’s pre-school teacher, Ms. Lisa.
“I have to tell you about Trey's prayer request today. It was so funny and very sweet and cute. He prayed to God for him to find the money for his dad to buy a new coffee maker because his old one broke and if his dad doesn't get his coffee in the morning he'll be sick. I tried very hard not to laugh. He is way too much. I love him!! Lisa”
My husband accidentally broke his coffee pot a couple weeks ago and has been using a little steam espresso pot instead;

(Just in case you don't know what I am talking about.)

he gets the same caffeine intake in just a cup of espresso as he did drinking 5 cups of coffee. I’m not sure which is better?
Trey confessing this to his whole class has me wondering, what else is he telling his class?

About a year ago when Taylor was an infant the whole family needed to desperately get out of the house so we packed up and went to one of those indoor jungle gym places. As my husband and I were sitting with Taylor in her infant carrier this sweet little girl approached us, she had a big toothless smile, red curly hair pointing in every direction, shoes untied, and stains on her shirt but you had to immediately love her. She came over to us to see who was hiding in the little car seat and she started. “Hi I’m Sarah, my mom and dad want another baby” Oh really, Anthony and I looked at each other and smiled. “I really want a brother” she said. Then she says “Yeah, my mom says she’s getting to old though”, I said “Oh?” thinking to myself, do I stop her? She kept going, “Yeah, she turns 36 on Friday and my dad is 38, and she is not happy about it.” “Wow, that’s interesting”, I say to the little girl as I see her mother notice that her daughter is talking to strangers. If only she knew what she was telling us. The little girl said, “She’s really cute” about Taylor in the car seat “I wish my parents would just go to the hospital and get one!” We both started to laugh and with that her mother comes over and says “Sarah, I hope you aren’t bothering these people” We laughed and said “No, she’s funny!” I thought to myself, I hope my kids don’t do that but sure enough it looks like we are on our way!

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