Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Proud...

Last night was the Winter Musical for the pre-school classes. This was a big night, the kids performed in the auditorium of the elementary school. For me it was a scary night because my 4 year olds track record with public performances was 0-2. The first big performance was in the pre-school gym for thanksgiving. He was dressed like and Indian and instead of singing with the class he stood beside his teacher hiding instead. His second debut was the Christmas play in his little classroom for 20 parents. He stood like a statue staring at me while all the other kids rang bells and participated. I was just happy he didn‘t run and sit with the teacher again. So last night I prayed, “Dear God, please be with Trey so he isn’t scared!” Evan’s class went first and my little peanut stood in the front and sang his little heart out, and Trey was waving and yelling, “Hi Evan!!!” One other group went and then it was Trey’s class. He marched confidently up the steps to the stage and stood directly in the center, right in front of the microphone that he seamed extremely excited about. He sang, he did movements, he even said “Thank You” to the crowd loudly in the microphone in between songs. I thought to myself, who is this child? It couldn’t be my Trey that has severe stage fright. I was so proud, relieved, and thankful that he made it through the entire performance and did great. When he came off the stage I met him with a huge hug and said how proud I was of him and the smile on his face was from ear to ear. You could see he was proud of himself.
Here is were grumpy mom comes in. So we get home, and tuck the babies into bed. Anthony and I go downstairs to watch the video to see how it turned out and you will never believe it. I could just cry writing this, it is in fast forward? I didn’t know that was even an option on the camera but for some reason the entire video has no sound and is in hyper speed. That is so my luck, all the other performances I have on video and you either can’t see him because he is hiding on the teacher lap or he is just staring at the camera. Maybe next time!L

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