Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is it almost March??

Where did February go? I know there is only 28 days but it felt like 10! Here are my top 10 February highlights!
#1 Kids singing in winter musical (I’m still so proud)
#2 A couple good snow storms which made for some great sledding moments in the backyard!
#3 The sale of some eggs. We have 10 chickens if you didn’t know, which means we get 10 eggs a day. We had eggs coming out our ears but we put a little sign out front of our home and we now have happy neighbors getting brown organic eggs for their families!
#4 My sister came home with her soon to be husband! It is crazy to think of my little sister getting married, although I still can’t believe I have three kids.
#5 I’m getting organized, one room at a time. I started with my over cluttered laundry room and I’m feeling good!
#6 Everyone stayed healthy!! Thank God, there is nothing worse then 3 sick kids!
#7Evan started Piano lessons. He is only 3 but he begged and begged so he is doing it and loving it!
#8 Taylor is fully walking, and sometimes running when she pretends to act like her brothers.
#9 Trey has started golf again. It’s freezing but he doesn’t seem to care, he loves it!
#10 The greatest highlight is my husband is working. Things were looking a little dark for a while but thankfully business is picking up and hopefully now we can pay our mortgage….YEAHHH!!!

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Becky Dimmick said...

Didn't know your sister was getting married....congrats!!