Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is it almost March??

Where did February go? I know there is only 28 days but it felt like 10! Here are my top 10 February highlights!
#1 Kids singing in winter musical (I’m still so proud)
#2 A couple good snow storms which made for some great sledding moments in the backyard!
#3 The sale of some eggs. We have 10 chickens if you didn’t know, which means we get 10 eggs a day. We had eggs coming out our ears but we put a little sign out front of our home and we now have happy neighbors getting brown organic eggs for their families!
#4 My sister came home with her soon to be husband! It is crazy to think of my little sister getting married, although I still can’t believe I have three kids.
#5 I’m getting organized, one room at a time. I started with my over cluttered laundry room and I’m feeling good!
#6 Everyone stayed healthy!! Thank God, there is nothing worse then 3 sick kids!
#7Evan started Piano lessons. He is only 3 but he begged and begged so he is doing it and loving it!
#8 Taylor is fully walking, and sometimes running when she pretends to act like her brothers.
#9 Trey has started golf again. It’s freezing but he doesn’t seem to care, he loves it!
#10 The greatest highlight is my husband is working. Things were looking a little dark for a while but thankfully business is picking up and hopefully now we can pay our mortgage….YEAHHH!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Proud...

Last night was the Winter Musical for the pre-school classes. This was a big night, the kids performed in the auditorium of the elementary school. For me it was a scary night because my 4 year olds track record with public performances was 0-2. The first big performance was in the pre-school gym for thanksgiving. He was dressed like and Indian and instead of singing with the class he stood beside his teacher hiding instead. His second debut was the Christmas play in his little classroom for 20 parents. He stood like a statue staring at me while all the other kids rang bells and participated. I was just happy he didn‘t run and sit with the teacher again. So last night I prayed, “Dear God, please be with Trey so he isn’t scared!” Evan’s class went first and my little peanut stood in the front and sang his little heart out, and Trey was waving and yelling, “Hi Evan!!!” One other group went and then it was Trey’s class. He marched confidently up the steps to the stage and stood directly in the center, right in front of the microphone that he seamed extremely excited about. He sang, he did movements, he even said “Thank You” to the crowd loudly in the microphone in between songs. I thought to myself, who is this child? It couldn’t be my Trey that has severe stage fright. I was so proud, relieved, and thankful that he made it through the entire performance and did great. When he came off the stage I met him with a huge hug and said how proud I was of him and the smile on his face was from ear to ear. You could see he was proud of himself.
Here is were grumpy mom comes in. So we get home, and tuck the babies into bed. Anthony and I go downstairs to watch the video to see how it turned out and you will never believe it. I could just cry writing this, it is in fast forward? I didn’t know that was even an option on the camera but for some reason the entire video has no sound and is in hyper speed. That is so my luck, all the other performances I have on video and you either can’t see him because he is hiding on the teacher lap or he is just staring at the camera. Maybe next time!L

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This was a dumb thing on facebook that I felt obligated to do so here is it. 25 Random Facts about me.

1. The only reason I am doing this is peer pressure!
2. I have three babies (4, 3, and 1) and prior to having them I never changed a diaper.
3. The Lord is my strength and my purpose for all that I do.
4. I have ADD (not clinically diagnosed but I know that I do).
5. I own a store called Planet Smoothie and despite some of the stress, I love it. I adore my staff and it is the most fun job in the world!
6. I started a website called because being a mom is the greatest and most rewarding job but it is also the most humbling, stressful, and frustrating job in the world!
7. I have 10 chickens, I know surprise to me too, but we get fresh organic eggs daily for us and all our friends and family!
8. I LOVE exercise! There is nothing greater then putting on my I-pod and getting one hour of “ME TIME” unfortunately with three kids I don’t get it often.
9. I am constantly hungry; I could eat all day long!
10. Interior Design is my joy, and my gift but it quickly becomes a full time job so until my kids go to school it will stay as my part time fun!
11. I am a terrible writer, my grammar and spelling is that of a 6th grader and I still question when to use the right “there, or their”.
12. It is still a miracle to me that I graduated high school and I am praying that my kids won’t follow in my footsteps. Trey’s pre-school teacher said he is wonderful BUT he likes to be social rather then doing his school work, God help me.
13. After having two boys that I adore, I prayed that I would have a little girl and I thank God every day for her!
14. My husband and I have been together for 13 years, he is my best friend, the greatest dad, and insanely talented.
15. I talk to my sister almost everyday, I love her and miss her and dream of being able to have play dates with our kids someday!
16. I wish I didn’t need sleep; I would be able to get so much more done!
17. We just got Verizon Fios and I’ve become a TV junkie because for the first time in 4 years I am getting to tape shows and watch them when my babies are in bed…I love it!
18. I have amazing parents; they have supported who I am and all my dreams no matter how crazy! I pray that I can give my kids that same gift.
19. I renovated 2 homes with my husband prior to kids. He says I am his best employee; I’ve done roofing, siding, tile, hardwood, painting, demolition, and carpentry.
20. I hate cleaning; I find it pointless because every time I turn around it is a mess again.
21. I love music and dancing, especially with my kids!
22. My whole family loves going out to dinner, probably because we don’t do it often.
23. I feel a vacation is the best part of life; I would like to live on vacation someday!
24. I am a terrible driver; I’ve had way too many accidents.
25. I want to do this again in 10 years when my babies are 14, 13, and 11 and I will be 40, that will be interesting!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I got an e-mail from my oldest son’s pre-school teacher, Ms. Lisa.
“I have to tell you about Trey's prayer request today. It was so funny and very sweet and cute. He prayed to God for him to find the money for his dad to buy a new coffee maker because his old one broke and if his dad doesn't get his coffee in the morning he'll be sick. I tried very hard not to laugh. He is way too much. I love him!! Lisa”
My husband accidentally broke his coffee pot a couple weeks ago and has been using a little steam espresso pot instead;

(Just in case you don't know what I am talking about.)

he gets the same caffeine intake in just a cup of espresso as he did drinking 5 cups of coffee. I’m not sure which is better?
Trey confessing this to his whole class has me wondering, what else is he telling his class?

About a year ago when Taylor was an infant the whole family needed to desperately get out of the house so we packed up and went to one of those indoor jungle gym places. As my husband and I were sitting with Taylor in her infant carrier this sweet little girl approached us, she had a big toothless smile, red curly hair pointing in every direction, shoes untied, and stains on her shirt but you had to immediately love her. She came over to us to see who was hiding in the little car seat and she started. “Hi I’m Sarah, my mom and dad want another baby” Oh really, Anthony and I looked at each other and smiled. “I really want a brother” she said. Then she says “Yeah, my mom says she’s getting to old though”, I said “Oh?” thinking to myself, do I stop her? She kept going, “Yeah, she turns 36 on Friday and my dad is 38, and she is not happy about it.” “Wow, that’s interesting”, I say to the little girl as I see her mother notice that her daughter is talking to strangers. If only she knew what she was telling us. The little girl said, “She’s really cute” about Taylor in the car seat “I wish my parents would just go to the hospital and get one!” We both started to laugh and with that her mother comes over and says “Sarah, I hope you aren’t bothering these people” We laughed and said “No, she’s funny!” I thought to myself, I hope my kids don’t do that but sure enough it looks like we are on our way!