Thursday, February 5, 2009

This was a dumb thing on facebook that I felt obligated to do so here is it. 25 Random Facts about me.

1. The only reason I am doing this is peer pressure!
2. I have three babies (4, 3, and 1) and prior to having them I never changed a diaper.
3. The Lord is my strength and my purpose for all that I do.
4. I have ADD (not clinically diagnosed but I know that I do).
5. I own a store called Planet Smoothie and despite some of the stress, I love it. I adore my staff and it is the most fun job in the world!
6. I started a website called because being a mom is the greatest and most rewarding job but it is also the most humbling, stressful, and frustrating job in the world!
7. I have 10 chickens, I know surprise to me too, but we get fresh organic eggs daily for us and all our friends and family!
8. I LOVE exercise! There is nothing greater then putting on my I-pod and getting one hour of “ME TIME” unfortunately with three kids I don’t get it often.
9. I am constantly hungry; I could eat all day long!
10. Interior Design is my joy, and my gift but it quickly becomes a full time job so until my kids go to school it will stay as my part time fun!
11. I am a terrible writer, my grammar and spelling is that of a 6th grader and I still question when to use the right “there, or their”.
12. It is still a miracle to me that I graduated high school and I am praying that my kids won’t follow in my footsteps. Trey’s pre-school teacher said he is wonderful BUT he likes to be social rather then doing his school work, God help me.
13. After having two boys that I adore, I prayed that I would have a little girl and I thank God every day for her!
14. My husband and I have been together for 13 years, he is my best friend, the greatest dad, and insanely talented.
15. I talk to my sister almost everyday, I love her and miss her and dream of being able to have play dates with our kids someday!
16. I wish I didn’t need sleep; I would be able to get so much more done!
17. We just got Verizon Fios and I’ve become a TV junkie because for the first time in 4 years I am getting to tape shows and watch them when my babies are in bed…I love it!
18. I have amazing parents; they have supported who I am and all my dreams no matter how crazy! I pray that I can give my kids that same gift.
19. I renovated 2 homes with my husband prior to kids. He says I am his best employee; I’ve done roofing, siding, tile, hardwood, painting, demolition, and carpentry.
20. I hate cleaning; I find it pointless because every time I turn around it is a mess again.
21. I love music and dancing, especially with my kids!
22. My whole family loves going out to dinner, probably because we don’t do it often.
23. I feel a vacation is the best part of life; I would like to live on vacation someday!
24. I am a terrible driver; I’ve had way too many accidents.
25. I want to do this again in 10 years when my babies are 14, 13, and 11 and I will be 40, that will be interesting!

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sueedge said...

You remind me of me, LOL! My 25 random facts:
1) I have 3 babies but a lot older, 14,12,9;
2)I have IBS - not as interesting, I know;
3)I have my own business called Wordsmith63; I just started a website called which I wrote because of the mistakes I made raising my kids and the mistakes I see other parents making; and yes, I agree there is no better -and frustrating - job in the world than being a mum;
4)I hate exercise but I do the Wii Fit every day anyway;
5)I, too, am constantly hungry and graze all day long!
6)I love graphic design which I do as part of scrapbooking but which has somehow morphed into a job;
7)I love to write and have written several articles. I would love to write a novel, and am working on it right now;
8)I am frustrated with the education system and have to work with my kids at home to make sure they can read and write properly;
9)I had 2 girls first and used the Shettles (?) method to conceive our little boy;
10)My husband and I have been together since uni - almost 20 years! I still enjoy his company after all these years;
11)I am very close to my only sister. I moved to the same town as her a few years back and it has been wonderful; I am lucky because I was just as close to my s.i.l who lived in the previous town;
12)I love tv and movies and have to stay up late at night to catch up;
13) I love to read and that always competes with my love of tv!
14) I love to scrapbook and that competes with the above two loves! 24 hours is not enough time when you are a mom;
15)I hate cleaning and never seem to catch up. I love order so having a family that never puts anything back where it came from is very frustrating. I put up a list of chores divided into 5 minutes segments and everyone has to pick 3 each weekend to do. It helps to stay on top of things.
16)I love singing. My middle daughter and I often torment the rest of the family with karaoke;
17)My dream is to travel every year but alas, hasn't happened yet. I am supposed to be going to uk with my dad this weekend but as he is in hospital at the moment, I am not sure that will happen;
18)I'm 45 and don't feel any different than I did when I was 25! It is just the mirror that gives me a shock sometimes;
19) I sneer at celebrities that have plastic surgery but secretly, I want an eyelid lift;
20) I was born in Malaysia to British and French parents. My dad was in the jungle patrol so I had a very interesting childhood;

Man, this has worn me out! I don't think I can come up with 5 more interesting facts about me just yet! LOL.