Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Mom Confessions!

I'll let you in some of my holiday secrets, my mommy confessions. (If you are reading this please leave me your mommy confession!)

Did you ……..

coordinate outfits for family photos? Yes, what a nightmare

bribe your children with candy to make them smile? No, that would have been a good idea!
send out tons of cards to show off how adorable your children are? Yes, I love sending and receiving them

did you or your kids pick out daddy’s present? My kids made it!

shop before 8am or after 10pm at night? I thought I never would, but Yes

lie to your children that Santa is watching? Yes

let your children know the True meaning of Christmas? Yes and we will be having a birth day cake for Jesus this year!

promise you will start your diet in January? Yes!

How many………….

hours of sleep were lost due to shopping or present wrapping? At least 10

times to did you yell at your children to not touch the ornaments? 20? I lost count

Christmas cookies did you eat? That will be my little secret, but more then I should!

times did you make it to the gym? 1, I’m just donating this month

items did you end up buying for yourself? The sales were crazy this year, I couldn't help myself
hours were spent in standing in lines? at least one

times did you hug and kiss your babies whether they are 1 or 40? a million

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