Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa is running out of time!

Snow and ice are covering everything and this was my last chance to be Santa while my kids were at pre-school. I shouldn't have procrastinated so long but I don’t even know what to buy. Last weekend we were supposed to go see Santa. Call me a bad mom but when we got to the mall and the line was 300 kids deep I told the boys that Santa likes letters better anyway. They were fine with the idea of sending Santa a letter but the problem with the letter is the indecisiveness of it. We currently have the letters sitting on the table with two lines saying “Dear Santa, We were very good boys this year and we would love......." Blank, I only let them pick one thing and they can‘t make up their minds. Hence, I have not a clue what to buy. I just realized I need to get off the computer and get those letters to Santa done because I only have 5 days left.....God help me!

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