Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wine + Hullabaloo = Party!!

Tonight with dinner my husband poured me a glass of wine, that usually means he’s looking to get lucky…terrible, I know. That is a whole other topic entirely…stay focused. So as I finished my glass of wine the dinner conversation at the table just got better and better and I found myself just laughing for no real reason. My sneaky husband generously re-filled my glass while I was making my 13th trip to the kitchen for who knows what! Now, I don’t drink often, as a matter of fact it is so rare that I can’t even remember the last time I was officially drunk. Being pregnant for so many consecutive years has left the urge of alcohol back in my early 20’s. SO me and 2 glasses of wine….look out!!! My kids got the game Hullabaloo for Christmas and it is a great game! It is even better after 2 glasses of wine. So picture this, me not standing so well, my husband looking at me so embarrassed that I’m hammered off of 2 glasses of wine, and my 4, and 3 year with a look of excitement greater then Christmas morning that all of us where going to play this game together. The music starts we all start dancing and get on our first spot (you throw a bunch of colored shapes with pictures all around the floor) and then it is like twister. “Put your hand on the green circle, spin to an animal and act like that animal, touch your nose to a triangle and at the same time put your knee on a square.” Oh yes, can you picture this we laughed so hard and had so much fun that we played Hullabaloo well past bedtime! I can see why people could get addicted..LOL

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growingupartists said...

Love it! Can't blame a husband for loving his wife, can ya? Happy New Year!